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RAPID Provisioning

RAPID Provisioning

The heart of the command and control functionality, RAPID provisioning gives the administrator full control over the radio system. This program allows administrators control over device programming, software updates/upgrades, settings, and configurations.

Features & Functions include:
  • Multi log-in module
  • Multi admin levels
  • Dashboard with KPI visuals
  • Command and control hierarchy management
  • Active search, filtering and sorting
  • Customisable settings by user, mic gain, AGC (auto gain control), bass cut, jitter buffer, GPS update rate
  • Recording requirements and retention policies
  • Update flexibility: forced update, automatic at next log-in, by server, company-wide, by teams, or users as well as device
  • Individual or batch provisioning
  • Asset tracking
  • Management of device pool
  • Assignment of devices locked by IMEI or user
  • Able to create virtual servers: Segregate and isolate different companies, user groups or functions inside an organization
  • Advanced cross HUB function: Allowing different companies, user groups or functions inside an organisation to communicate in the event of special circumstances, event or emergency