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RAPID Client

RAPID Client

RAPID Client is an application that can be easily installed on devices (both screen or non-screen). The application has been designed to allow our customers simple access to the host of features. Utilising swipe and click navigation methods you can navigate the extensive list of features using one handed operation with a minimal number of steps. RAPID client is designed to future proof our customers with ongoing updates and program upgrades, ensuring our customers always have access to the latest solutions.

(some features are device dependant)


“Always On” IRP technology

FAST: No “session” start-up required when trying to PTT as with SIP based technology

Instant, high-quality group PTT

Quality audio and speed

Instant, private calls to other users*

Make private calls between devices without tying up channels and preventing others from communicating

Send/receives files and pictures/images between groups and individuals*

Increase productivity and quality of communication where more than words are needed

Personnel safety: Emergency, lone worker, zone worker, man down

SAFETY – SAFETY – SAFETY. Increase productivity with less resources yet maintain safety and support.

GPS location : self & other users*

Increase productivity and support for the team. Provide better level of assistance and operation.

Quality of Service (QOS) indicators*

Awareness of signal strength

User Presence indicator*

Awareness of who is online

Over The Air (OTA) configuration and Updates

Increase productivity with less down time for users/systems yet stay updated with software/firmware versions

Dynamic Regrouping


Deep setting customisations: AGC, Mic Gain, Base Cut, Jitter Buffer, GPS refresh speed, Screen wake, Button Mapping, Sounds on TX/RX

Customise the settings to meet environmental and operational requirements: Noise, vehicles, preferences

Background noise filtering

Clear audio for receiving transmissions

Remotely locate and disable devices via RAPID - Provisioning

Control authorised use by remotely controlling access to the RAPID application in event of stolen or lost devices.

Trigger alerts/notifications based on Geo-fencing functions in RAPID - Command

Team safety and productivity

AES-256 rolling key encryption on all transmissions

The ultimate in security of what is being communicated on your network

RAPID Client Screen