National Coverage across growing cellular networks 3G, 4G and 5G
As distinct from traditional LMR “networks”, unparalleled geographical coverage is available on Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone cellular networks. Voice (data) is able to be transmitted across the network to and from any connected device where coverage is available. The level of investment in the cellular networks is unmatched and in some instances DMR networks are being wound up.
True enterprise quality software, devices, and voice transmission
At each level, ensuring TR Telecom’s RAPID solution provides the highest level of available quality and experience to our customers is of paramount importance.
  • Our platform, software, and infrastructure has been developed from the ground up to replicate and exceed the demanding expectations of our users.
  • Our devices are specifically selected, and proprietary software/firmware developed to ensure exceptional user experience so that it’s not just another app on a phone.
  • The highest quality broadband digital voice transmission is achieved by a combination of our software and devices and is distinct from traditional narrowband voice quality delivered by digital radio.
  • Priority to ensuring that “the comms gets through” is achieved with proprietary protocols and settings.
Reduced infrastructure costs and ease of deployment
  • TR Telecom RAPID Next Generation Radio solution using alleviates costly investment in conventional trunked repeaters, network maintenance, frequency licences, and costly and complex network access fees and configuration.
  • Investment in our RAPID devices is often less expensive than conventional radio devices, network costs are far less, provide greater coverage, and software access fees are simple to understand.
  • More importantly, the investment in network infrastructure is constantly being made and amortised across all cellular subscribers.
Highest level of security features
Some of the highest levels of security features and protocols including rolling AES 256 key encryption are built into our solution across multiple levels – hosting servers, software platform configuration data, transmission data, data being stored, and data back-up to ensure security integrity achieves the highest performance in the industry.


Superb Digital Audio
“Clear Communications”
The digital audio quality of the RAPID far surpasses the traditional two-way radio communications system, offering exceptionally clear audio quality from sender to receiver, and back. With instant call up-take, messages are carried through with no truncation of voice from the first word to the last, so every message is received and every voice is heard.

“Your Secret’s Safe With TR Telecom”
With superior encryption and security relative to two-way radio, TR Telecom’s RAPID system understands the importance of securely transmitting voice and data over the networks it utilises. Therefore, developers of this software have made it a point to enhance and ensure the security of its users. Users can rest assured knowing their messages are transmitted safely and are only going to those they’re intended for.

High Speed Data Transactions
“The Future Of Radio: Two-Way, A New Way”
The RAPID system is revolutionary in its approach to not only offer the best of traditional two-way radio systems, but offer an integrated product using data driven Push-To-Talk (PTT) communications as well. This system utilises the lowest amount of data for a voice call while maintaining exceptional audio clarity. It is the first truly integrated communications system that enables PTT voice and the sharing of data across Australian 3G, LTE, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks.

“Step Into The Future With TR Telecom”
In addition to connecting users over 3G, LTE, and 4G, connecting users and transmitting data over Wi-Fi is another innovative step taken by TR Telecom in the world of two-way radio. The RAPID system takes advantage of the growing availability of Wi-Fi networks in the world and incorporates it into the series of benefits brought to you. The Wi-Fi option empowers users to continue to share information over networks without the limitations of their data plan.

Future Proof Investment
“Pioneering Into The New World of Two-Way Radio”
Being the pioneer of this service offering in the industry, TR Telecom’s software is a result of successes and lessons learned from two-way radio communications and smart phone technology to make a truly advanced and innovative service. TR Telecom has incorporated Wi-Fi into its service offering due to the growing need for and availability of Wi-Fi and high speed data in the modern world.

PTT Voice Individual and Group Call
“Push-To-Talk – It’s Just That Simple With TR Telecom”
Push-To-Talk (PTT) communication is available to connect either a pair or group of individuals. With instantaneous communication, all you have to do is push the PTT button and start talking! With clear audio and quick trunking of voice messages, you can talk to just one person for a private discussion or the whole team for an announcement whenever you want, wherever you want!

Highly Reliable Networks
“Be Worry-Free with TR Telecom”
The RAPID system is supported by all network providers including Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. The use of the RoIP software is optimised by utilising the coverage, infrastructure, and services of these network providers. With minimum downtime and extensive coverage of network providers, be worry-free with TR Telecom!

GPS Location & Dispatch Management
“Maximise Productivity & Minimise Waste”
The GPS location system is host to a number of helpful benefits for, but not restricted to, users in logistics, aviation, and hospitality industries. This feature enables users to track the location of the radio instruments on-site or in a wide geographical area, a key requirement for effective dispatch management.

Dispatch management allows users to monitor and view the location of units from a central location to maximise productivity in daily business operations. The ability to track the location of the radio instruments enables users to benefit from minimising waste of materials by efficiently assigning the closest teams, units, or trucks to a particular location to resolve a particular issue. By maximising productivity and minimising waste, the dispatch management feature enables users to better manage their workforces from a central hub.