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TechRentals' Next Generation Radio Solution – RAPID provides the latest in high-speed, instant and secure two-way radio communications for voice and data with unprecedented coverage.

In a similar way to how VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has revolutionised land line telephony, Radio over IP is doing the same with LMR (Land Mobile Radio) for both traditional analogue and digital radio users.

Truly commercial grade solutions however are very different.

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RAPID Client

RAPID Client is an application that can be easily installed on devices (both screen or non-screen). The application has been designed to allow our customers simple access to the host of features.

RAPID Command

RAPID Command is a management system for RAPID that can be installed on your desktop computer. This management system provides you with accurate and timely information to ensure safe and efficient operation of your enterprise.

RAPID Provisioning

The heart of the command and control functionality, RAPID provisioning gives the administrator full control over the radio system. This program allows administrators control over device programming, software updates/upgrades, settings, and configurations.

Rapid Radio Coverage

National Coverage across growing cellular networks 3G, 4G and 5G
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Rapid Radio Quality

True enterprise quality software, devices and voice transmission
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Rapid Radio Efficiency

Reduced infrastructure costs and ease of deployment
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Rapid Radio Security

Highest level of security features and protocols
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RAPID Radio Devices

In partnership with our delivery partners, TR Telecom continues to develop a range of portable and mobile devices that are fully compatible with our RAPID solution.

These devices are selected and tested based on stringent criteria determined by the demanding needs of our enterprise and government clients to fulfil an increasing range of usage environments.
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RAPID Radio Industry Solutions

The combination of RAPID's commercial grade software, user terminals and experience is to provide solutions for a vast range of industry applications and scale.

Click below to see how we are able to deliver unrivalled coverage, quality, and security to increase productivity, organisational performance and safety. If your particular industry is not included, please contact us directly to discuss your particular requirements.
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